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Our sunblocks, bubble bath, shampoos, shower gels and body butters contain parfum.

The parfum ingredient in the sunblock is a ‘nature identical’ fragrance – the components of the original fragrance are enhanced to make it a stronger smell, but this would be a process done in a laboratory, so it wouldn’t be accurate to claim it to be 100% natural, as some additional material may be used in the process to enhance the naturally occurring smell, and it involves synthesis in a laboratory in order to enhance.

The addition of parfum to our products is very small percentage wise but wouldn’t be described as 100% natural in the same way as an essential oil would be for instance. But it is based on a naturally occurring smell and enhanced in a laboratory, and as such differs from a synthetic fragrance, which could be any combination of ingredients that may resemble a fragrance without any actual attachment to the original fragrance (for instance ‘strawberry flavour’ that bears no actual resemblance to strawberries in any shape of form). ‘Nature identical’ fragrances are often used for fruit flavours as many 100% naturally occurring fruit flavours are quite mild and require very large amounts. 100% natural flavours are more often found with the use of essential oils which tend to be stronger in small amounts.