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There have been some recent studies regarding Benzophenone-3 that have caused some concerns, particularly if used in high concentrations.

Our SPF 15 and 30 contain around 2% of this ingredient, which enhances both UVA and UVB levels. Our new product SPF 25 uses mineral UVA & UVB protection only (non nano Zinc Oxide) with no chemicals added but is more expensive than the SPF 15 and 30. Although the levels of  Benzophenone-3 we use in the 15 and 30 are very low and not considered a health issue, nevertheless we are aware of more research emerging around this ingredient and are reformulating both the 15 and 30 for 2019 without this ingredient. It is used because it is very effective and reasonably priced, but as other options emerge it is becoming easier to replace.