Yaoh, Hebron House, Sion Rd, Bristol BS3 3BD

None of our products is tested on animals, or animal by-products, anywhere in the world, either by us or others. All our products are registered with The Vegan Society Trademark.

For our bodycare products, our fixed cut off point is 1987. Our factory opened then, and have a strict non-animal testing policy in place, and none of their ingredients sourced has been tested since the factory opened to the best of our knowledge.

For our lip balms, which are manufactured in a separate factory, our manufacturers have a policy in place that prevents any initiating of any testing, but we haven’t ascertained a fixed cut off point for their ingredients sourcing. This is something we are following up, in order to be 100% transparent.

Our company has a strict non-animal testing policy in place and we have turned down lucrative opportunities for sales in China in order to preserve this status.