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Are all your products vegan?

All our products are 100% vegan, and carry the Vegan Society trademark.

Also, no animal products are used in the making of our labels and pots, including inks and adhesives for the labels, and the plastic for the bottles and jars.

Are any of your products tested on animals?

None of our products is tested on animals, or animal by-products, anywhere in the world, either by us or others. All our products are registered with The Vegan Society Trademark.

For our bodycare products, our fixed cut off point is 1987. Our factory opened then, and have a strict non-animal testing policy in place, and none of their ingredients sourced has been tested since the factory opened to the best of our knowledge.

For our lip balms, which are manufactured in a separate factory, our manufacturers have a policy in place that prevents any initiating of any testing, but we haven’t ascertained a fixed cut off point for their ingredients sourcing. This is something we are following up, in order to be 100% transparent.

Our company has a strict non-animal testing policy in place and we have turned down lucrative opportunities for sales in China in order to preserve this status.

Are all your ingredients ethically sourced without the use of GMOs?

All of our ingredients we use and supply are ethically sourced and non-GMO, as well as being certified vegan, and not tested on animals. This is confirmed with our individual suppliers before purchasing any ingredient.

Are your sunblocks suitable for children?

The SPF-25 sunblock – is the best, but also the most expensive, but really good especially for kids. It has a UVA 4 star equivalent and is water resistant to a degree, although it doesn’t contain any chemicals to increase this.

The SPF 15 and 30 are our original formulas, reasonably priced and very effective, and equivalent to 2 stars and both water resistant, but include slightly more additions to the formulas. The SPF 25 is a slightly simpler formula with a more expensive quality Zinc Oxide which ensures the levels of protection and would recommend for small children especially.

Where are your products made?

We are a Bristol based firm, but our factories are specialist factories and we work with 4 different ones – the lip balms are made in the USA, the Body care in London, the Oil is pressed in the Midlands and the seeds are imported from China, de-hulled in the Netherlands and packed in Yorkshire. The main reasons for this are a) specialist factories that specialise in hemp and B) to fulfil organic standards for the food products.

Can pregnant women and babies use Yaoh products?

For babies, we recommend a patch test to ensure that they’re comfortable with the products, especially in relation to sunblocks. A small amount of the product applied to the back of the hand and left for 30 minutes is always an advisable caution with new products and babies.

When it comes to safety in regards to women who are pregnant/breastfeeding, the standard advice is to consult their midwife or doctor.



Are your pots made of plastic?

We are currently planning to replace all our plastic pots with glass jars, and are researching alternatives to our current plastic bottles, including sugar cane based bottles and 100% recycled options.

Are our pots and packaging recyclable?

All our current packaging can be recycled but it may be difficult in some areas of the UK as your local home recycling may not take them. In this case you may need to recycle them at your nearest recycling centre.

Please be aware that not all areas in the UK provide full recycling option.




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How can I make a Trade order?

If you would like to stock our products please go through one of our distributors. You can find a list of them on our home page (under “Distributors”).

Please note that there is no difference in price from us or our distributors.



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