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Yaoh Hemp: Celebrating 20 years with the gift of sustainable packaging

Yaoh, the UK’s original hemp company, is celebrating 20 years in 2022, and this year moving into sustainable packaging.


Yaoh, the UK’s original hemp company, is celebrating 20 years in 2022, and this year moving into sustainable packaging.

Yaoh Hemp Products was founded in 2002 as a vegan, green ethical hemp company, available only via the independent health stores and avoiding the supermarkets and multiples.


This last 5 years has seen a big drive towards sustainable packaging and away from plastic, but that has not been without its challenges for a compact and bijoux independent company like Yaoh. And whilst of course it’s essential that the big companies move into sustainable packaging as a matter of course, it hasn’t always been an easy path without big budgets.


But for 2022 Yaoh are proud to announce a big shift into sustainable packaging as they celebrate 20 years in the trade.

With packaging in mind, Yaoh products break down into 4 main categories – the Lip Balms, the Moisturisers & Body Butters, the Bath and Sun products, and the Dehulled Hemp Seeds. Previously Yaoh products have been plastic heavy for multiple reasons and part of that was the prohibitive costs and minimum order quantities for sustainable packaging options. “When we first looked at this in 2016 prices and MOQs were so high that we were effectively priced out the market” acknowledges Yaoh managing Director Fred Stephenson, “but with the advent of more options and better prices and MOQs, it’s a move we can now make”.


Yaoh have a number of new products out in 2022 as well as a whole new redesign – and a shift into sustainable packaging away from virgin plastic including:


Moisturisers and Body Butters now in Glass Jars with aluminium lids, fully recyclable at standard outlets.


Sun Products & Bath Products now in Biopolymer bottles made with Sugar Beet Biopolymer, Post Consumer Recycled content, and virgin materials, fully recyclable. SPF 25 also available in Glass Jar.


Lip Balm cases made with potato bio resin, PCR and virgin material, fully recyclable.


Dehulled Hemp Seed in cardboard cases and thin plastic sachets for freshness, avoiding full plastic pouches.



In addition…


Labels sourced from renewable wood-based raw material.

Inks for printing – low impact and plant-based.

Glues for labels low impact plant-based.

All packaging materials suitable for vegans in line with Yaoh’s vegan ethics.

New ranges are out in the summer of 2022 – check the website for updates, and keep posted with the monthly Yaoh e bulletin – sign up on the home page

Product Focus


Original Moisturiser

The Original Moisturiser has consistently been one of the best selling products from the Yaoh range since its debut in 2002, and now celebrating its 20th anniversary with a wonderful makeover and lush new design whilst still retaining the original formula of this much loved product.


Rich in hemp seed oil, deeply satisfying and incredible value too.

Healing Salve


The Healing Salve is like an old fashioned ointment, ideal for skin abrasions, dry skin, rashes, itches and challenging skin conditions as well as post tattoo after care – and nappy rash! An all round soothing ointment very rich in hemp oil and full of healing herbs, freshly made in small batches ensuring a genuine botanical delivery of quality ingredients, making it an essential for the 21st century family bathroom cabinet.

SPF 25 Glass Jar


The SPF 25 is mineral based with no added chemicals, providing a UVB factor 25 protection and a UVA equivalent to 3 stars. An easy going lotion that covers well and sits comfortably, without washing off too quickly in the sea. Ideal for kids and families and now in a handy Glass Jar.

Lip Balms


The much loved Yaoh hemp lip balms have also had a makeover for 2022 with a new design and the fabulous new potato bio resin cases, available throughout 2022. The Mango, Blueberry, Natural and Strawberries n Cream are already available in the new cases, with the Coconut, Spearmint and Watermelon flavours to follow shortly.

Other Sun Products


The SPF 15 and SPF 30 are now available in the new sugar beet biopolymer bottles , providing all round protection with a lovely smooth lotion that that is water resistant and excellent value for money all round.



For more information, online shopping, special offers and up-to-date information on Yaoh Hemp Products, check out the Yaoh website & our social media pages.