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Today Feb 4th 2020 is National Hemp Day, which was founded by cbdMD to celebrate the hemp plant’s illustrious past.

Did you know that hemp has been a part of human civilisation for thousands of years? Hemp fibres were used in some of the earliest civilisations to make fabric for clothing and other materials. America’s founding fathers drafted early documents on hemp paper and even used a “Hemp for Victory” campaign during WWII to encourage farmers to grow hemp for military use. Hemp has been an essential material in the innovation of several industries including shipping, construction, and textiles. Most recently, the construction industry started using hemp in place of concrete (known as hempcrete) since it is windproof and offers a lower carbon footprint.

Half price off Yaoh products – today only (Feb 4th 2020)

To celebrate National Hemp Day, Yaoh is offering our customers a special half price discount on all items (except the Gift Boxes) on our online shop just for today only, at

Please note

The 50% off discount applies only to purchases made on Yaoh’s online shop on February 4th 2020.
The discount does not apply to any of Yaoh’s Gift Boxes.
The discount cannot be used in conjunction with other special offers currently running on Yaoh’s online shop (e.g. the bulk buy discounts).