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BOGOF offer available on all Yaoh products at Reading Vegan Festival

One of the UK’s original hemp companies Yaoh will have all its products available on a special BUY ONE GET ONE FREE offer at the upcoming vegan festival on Saturday September 22nd 2018 in Reading.

Products on display include Yaoh’s recently launched new bodycare range alongside its old customers’ favourites of dehulled organic hemp seeds and organic hemp oil.

Current online special offers

Yaoh is currently running a number of online special offers on its online shop:

  • Bulk Buy Discounts – Buy 6-11 of the same product and get a 10% discount; Buy 12 or more of the same product and get a 15% discount.
  • Free Gift Offers:
    • Spend £10 or more and get a free lip balm
    • Spend £30 or more and get a free moisturiser
    • Spend £50 or more and get a free body butter
  • 50% off body butters (running from September – October 2018 only) – use coupon code BUTT50 on Checkout. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with the Bulk Buy Discounts.

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About the event

Last year’s Reading Vegan Festival in 2017 took Reading by storm and they will be returning on September 22nd 2018!

It will be a safe and friendly environment to ask questions and enable you to sample and buy a range of vegan food, cosmetics, clothing and lifestyle choices. Additionally, there will be a programme of activities, speakers and food demos. The full day programme will be announced nearer the time.

Venue: New Bingley Hall (Birmingham B18 5PP)

Opening hours: 10am – 4pm

For the latest updates, visit the event website here.

Other upcoming events

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