Yaoh, Hebron House, Sion Rd, Bristol BS3 3BD
Yaoh exhibiting at Weston-super-Mare’s first vegan fair on August 5th 2018 – BOGOF across all products

Visitors to this year’s first-ever Weston-super-Mare Vegan Fair will have a chance to sample and stock up on Yaoh’s new range of hemp bodycare products at their stall this Sunday August 5th 2018 at the Tropicana in Weston-super-Mare.

All Yaoh’s products will also be available at the fair on a special BUY ONE GET ONE FREE offer. The offer will apply to all Yaoh products at the show, including the brand-new flavours for lip balms, shampoo, moisturisers and salve, conditioners, shower gels, body butters and sunblocks, as well as its old favourites including its organic dehulled hemp seeds and organic hemp oil.

Please note:

  • The BOGOF special offer is valid for mix-and-match orders on products with the same price. (For example, lip balms of different flavours)
  • When the BOGOF special offer is applied to mix and match orders on products with different prices, the cheaper product becomes free.
  • The BOGOF special offer on all Yaoh products applies only to purchases made at Yaoh’s upcoming events and not online.

All Yaoh’s products are 100% vegan, not tested on animals, and free from harmful chemical additives.

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More about Weston-super-Mare Vegan Fair

Taking place at Somerset’s iconic seafront landmark, the event will offer everyone the opportunity to explore plant-based living. From cheese to cakes, chocolate and other treats, the event offers a delicious day out to enjoy guilt-free food, drink, clothes, cosmetics and culture. There will also be talks, workshops, activities for kids and nutritional advice and support.

Visit the Facebook event page or their website for the latest updates.