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2. Why Yaoh?

Yaoh is a small firm, started in February 2002 and is therefore a relative newcomer to the natural products arena. However, in a fairly short space of time Yaoh has carved itself its own unique niche in the hearts and minds of many. Here's why...

  • We organise the world's biggest vegan event - The Bristol Vegan Fayre is now in its fifth year with a two day show planned for 2007. An expected 150 stall holders help make up what has become the World's biggest and most popular cruelty free event. Click here for a review of last year's show.
  • We publish 'A Vegan Guide to Bristol' - Four issues and over 30,000 copies of this handy little 80 page guide have gone out free over the last few years. Featuring 235 vegan businesses, organisations, people and products. The 2006 edition of the guide can be viewed here.
  • All our products are vegan - and so are all the Yaoh team. We are passionate supporters of all things vegan, organic and fair trade and are recognised as one of the country's leading vegan companies.
    All our products carry the Vegan Society trade mark.
  • We only work with the independents - Yaoh is a staunch supporter of the Independent Natural Products trade. We value immensely the unique integrity, passion, honesty and altruism that runs deep within the trade and our products are not available through "multiples".
  • Yaoh's products are free from harmful chemicals - We avoid the use of parabens, SLS, chemical preservatives and other harsh ingredients. Wherever possible we use organic ingredients and none of them have been tested on animals.
  • Our products are made fresh - The whole Yaoh range is made in small runs by specialist manufacturers using the freshest ingredients. We manufacture every six to eight weeks to ensure optimum freshness for the consumer.
  • We helped pioneer the UK hemp market - Back in 1991 Yaoh's founder Tim helped set up the UK's first hemp company, House of Hemp, followed by the UK's first hemp shop which opened in Bristol in 1994. The fledgling UK hemp industry has now grown into a mainstream lifestyle choice for many who are seeking a more sustainable and healthy way of living.
  • We support many vegan charities - Including the Vegan Society, Animal Aid, PETA, Viva!, Vegfam, IFAW as well as local supporters' groups and events.
  • We enjoy the support and sponsorship from a number of established, highly respected firms in the UK Natural Products trade, including Essential Trading, Infinity, Suma, Beanie's, Redwood Wholefoods, Plamil, Wild Oats, Earthbound and Health Unlimited, who sponsor our shows and guides.

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