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5. Yaoh's Support for Traders and the Media

Yaoh works exclusively through the independents and therefore the company is set up to help the small trader, providing assistance and support rather than barriers and obstacles. Likewise, as publishers of
'A Vegan Guide to Bristol', we understand the needs of the media and strive to make information and images about our company as accessible as possible.

  • Regular email bulletins - Specially tailored for trade and media requirements, our email bulletins carry news about new products, special offers and events as well as including product information sheets and customer selling points.
  • Samples on request - We are a small firm with limited resources but we know how nice it is to 'try before you buy' for traders, whilst editors obviously need a sample for review.
    Contact the office with your requirements.
  • High resolution images of all our products and logo are available to easily download from our website, ideal for adding to your own website as well as being ready for publication.
  • Product information sheets for all our products including ingredients lists as well as key benefits for our bodycare and food range.
  • Customer selling points - Easy to read these sheets are ideal for staff training and for last minute deadlines!

In addition for our traders:

  • No minimum orders! - We would rather work with you to build up the range than set you challenging minimum orders. We do ask our clients to group their orders but we will always do our best to help, especially at short notice.
  • Free shipping - Orders going to UK land addresses we ship free. For overseas orders please contact the office.
  • Discounts - We can offer standard discounts if you want to get behind the whole range, or want to increase your volumes.
  • Regular promotions - Our special product promotions have proved very popular in the past with up to 33% off selected items. Contact the office for our current offers.
  • Available through our distributors - The whole range (food and bodycare) is available through Essential, Infinity, Queenswood, and Amphora. The bodycare range is also available through Orangeburst. Marigold and Rainbow stock selected products.  
  • Point of Sale - Easy to manage, bright, colourful, informative flyers for all our products with A3 full colour posters available if required.
  • Testers - We can provide testers for your customers for some products, for instance the moisturisers.
  • Tastings - we can also provide 'tastings kits' for retailers wishing to do in store tastings for our raw food hemp snackbars.
  • Consumer advertising - Watch out for our current adverts in You Are What You Eat, Organic Life, Lifescape, Natural Health, Foods Matter, The Changing Times, Get Fresh and Animal Times, with more planned for 2007.
  • Customer Service - Got a question? Give us a call or email us and our dedicated team will answer any requests.
  • Window Displays - Yaoh can provide materials and ideas for window displays on request

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