Hemp Foods

Hemp as a food is a great source of nutrition

Hemp Foods
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Hemp Foods

Yaoh works with the finest quality organic hemp seed to create an imaginative and tasty range of products.

Our organic cold-pressed Hemp Seed Oil is available in two sizes, 250ml and 500ml, also the Hemp Seeds are available in 2 sizes - 125g and 250g packets.

Hemp Seeds, Oil and Snack Bars

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Yaoh are continually sourcing the finest hemp seeds and other ingredients.

At present, our oil is pressed from certified organic hemp seed grown in China. The Chinese have a long tradition of growing hemp and recent investment has seen an improvement in both conditions and quality. Meanwhile, our de-hulled seed comes from Germany.

All our ingredients are certified organic, vegan and raw.

Did you know ...?
Hemp seed oil in its raw, unrefined state, has many health benefits, as do other plant oils like sunflower, pumpkin, soya, olive and walnut.

But once processed and heated, the health benefits can be lost. Cooking oil (ie: frying, roasting, etc) destroys the nutrients and in some cases turns the oil carcinogenic.

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Hemp foods

Hemp Foods from Yaoh